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ar9 Black Friday Deals

Double taps, controlled pairs, hammers, hammers,… I use one sight photo and two quick trigger presses. My splits (or time between shots) were only 18/100ths. This outing was with a Glock 34 Practical/Tactical, which has a longer barrel of 5.3″. It was much harder to hit the target twice at this distance and my splits were 24/100ths. This is the beauty of long guns-it was easy to place rounds on target more accurately and in a shorter time. The carbine was able to place two hits on target 25 percent faster than the handgun. I carried my PX9 10.5 in 9mm from the range to sight in my Sig Sauer Romeo.

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I bought a spikes tactical pistol lower and it fits perfectly. The lrbho also works flawlessly. My only complaint is the lack of last-round bolt hold open. Everybody “needs” an AR to play with. To make it sellable, every new long gun must look like an AR. For reasons best left out, the Army decided that everyone would get a new “rifle”, which was just another carbine. That was fifty years ago and almost all people who have never used an AR rifle mistakenly believe it to be one. The handguard is futuristic and cool with some cosmetic cuts. However, the handguard is a little too bright for its mismatched color between the upper and lower.

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The handguard is much more comfortable than the PSA AR-15 models that I tried. I wish the lower receiver’s front was less sharp. PSA sells complete AR-9s, but if you are familiar with PSA, it is possible to make your using uppers and lowers.

A spouse or roommate could learn to shoot a 9mm carbine like the AR9, which is much easier than a 5.56 NATO AR or handgun. I care less about terminal ballistics than I do about hitting the target. This carbine is very conducive to that goal. (l.) The magazine release is located where AR enthusiasts expect it to be. Although the shape of the magazine release may differ, the function works the same. (ctr. (ctr.) A heavier buffer spring means that the AR9’s charging handle takes more effort.


Handgun magazines are locked at the front, not the sides. The AR9s magazine release must therefore dogleg its way to the magazine’s front to fulfill its purpose. The user’s perspective is irrelevant as the generous magazine-release button will be located exactly where you want it to if your brain is as programed as most of us. The traditional AR-style and positions for the trigger, safety/selector, and bolt stop are shown below.

It was fascinating to watch the magazine spring compress as the mag loaded with translucent ETS Group mag. This is not a feeling I have alone, I’ve noticed. Over the past few years, the market for 9mm ARs has boomed. They are used for competition and home defense as well as fun at the range.

There are many options for attaching optics thanks to the continuous top rail. PSA 9mm PX-9 Besides not having the last round bolt open or being perfectly matched in color, the PSA PX-9 lowers and 9mm uppers have been an amazing deal and have performed well so far. You can do whatever you want to the AR platform. I also added a flashlight, trigger, and holographic view. The only problem I have is the lack of the last round bolt that can be opened.

Two rounds with a brand new SGM Tactical Glock 19 17-round mag were fired. The bullet was jammed between the bolt, just below the barrel entry, and the bullet was compressed into the casing. To ensure that the mag locks in place, I carefully smack it with my thumb.

The AR9 is an absolute pleasure to shoot, especially compared to the muzzle blasts and pressure of firing a 5.56 NATO turbine. Even with a longer barrel, the 9 mm produces a significantly lower blast than a 5.56 NATO.

It seems like a sensible option and makes enough sense to people that they are being bought. There are compromises that you have to make regarding your budget and commitment. For the same reasons, I’ve also thought about a rifle chambered in.22LR. My wife shoots an s&w Victory.

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Could it be made in California as a pistol by using the maglock option “jt Hellfighter”? Thank you for your great content. I will be checking out more of the write-ups.

American Rifleman staff bring a small, carry-ready pistol, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, to the range in this week’s “Gun of the Week” video preview. Wilson Combat’s AR9 is a great companion gun to three of the most well-known police handguns. It was able to increase velocity by about 11 percent with the addition of 9 1/2 inches of barrel. This increases velocity results in about 21 percent more energy. JHP ran at an incredible 1555 fps, generating a staggering 617 foot-pounds of energy.

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