Barbie Pop up Camper Black Friday Deals 2021

In This post you are going to get Barbie Pop up Camper Black Friday Deals available on the internet & Barbie Pop up Camper Cyber monday deals also.

Barbie Pop up Camper Black Friday Deals

Pink is not a favorite color for many boys, no matter what you say to them. My grandbaby, four years old, really loves playing with the camper.

Totally Hair Barbie 25th Anniversary Doll Back And Better Than Ever

After I had shot the video review, Piper was finally allowed to take possession of the camper. After playing with the camper for a while, I was finally able to show Piper all it could do.

It can be difficult to open the RV camper and children may need help. The RV camper’s front door/front doesn’t close properly. It was fun and easy to assemble. My daughter and I spent time decorating it. This was given to my 3-year-old daughter for Christmas. She and her cousins, ages 3-5, loved it. There were many pieces, parts, compartments, and doors. To keep everything together, we immediately bought a gallon-sized zipper bag.

Great Camper

Turn the front cab into a bathroom. Remove the chairs and reveal the toilet beneath. Flip the steering wheel to transform it into a sink. Barbie is here, and she would love to camp with you. This Barbie Dream Camper Playset has 12 pieces and can be transformed into a campsite playset by pressing a button. This RV’s top opens up and the side panels expand out, creating a play area that extends more than 2 feet. This RV has a water slide that features a pool and fold-out stairs. You can even make a splash in the open area. Playtime is made even more enjoyable by the many accessories.

It’s easy to assemble, and the child enjoys using it. We want to know if the information above is incorrect or incomplete. This Barbie camper is recommended to players who are over 3.

Barbie Pop

This camper is the perfect vehicle for Barbie dolls to travel in. The transformation doesn’t end there. There are even more spaces to play that will allow for more storytelling opportunities. A double bed and hammock hang above the center room, which is perfect for taking a break after a day of camping adventures. The pool can be pulled out of the camper’s bottom and connected to the slide on the second floor. To make a splash at a campsite pool party, a Barbie doll can slide down the living room’s second floor. Set up the third-floor dining table with chairs and enjoy a meal under the stars or a picnic under the sun. You can recreate scenes from Barbie & Her Sisters: The Great Puppy Adventure or take the wheel to tell your own stories.


I enjoy spending time with my children, taking them on adventures, watching films, and baking yummy treats. While I was once a climber on the corporate ladder, I now spend my time caring for my family members and my disabled dog. To view all coverage available for each product, visit /protection The Walmart Protection Plan Hub allows you to view your Walmart Protection Plan once you have made a purchase. The majority of items come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer.

The accessories include pillows, a comforter, as well as many dishes, including cups, plates, cooking utensils, and groceries. The kitchen is located behind the camper’s back door. It has an open-and-close refrigerator. Each piece has small indents on the bottom which fit into slots and sliders in the kitchen.

Choking hazards can be present in small pieces, so it is better to be safe than sorry and keep these items away from children. You can contact customer service to give feedback about pricing, delivery, or any other issues.

Walmart Protection Plans provide additional protection starting at the date of purchase. Walmart Protection Plans include coverage for repair or replacement costs for products as well as delivery costs for the exchange. My granddaughters could use any doll or figure from their toy box. It can hold only a few dolls when closed, but you can put many dolls on the roof, floor, living space, pool, etc. My daughter currently has seven dolls on the camper. I wish that there were a gender-neutral camper.

The camper is compactly sealed and can be easily rolled to any place you choose. The Barbie camper can be transformed into a large, detailed play area once you have set it up. The second level has a hammock and couch room. It is decorated with a pink chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.

Customers who have purchased this product can provide more details. Accessories could not be securely secured inside the camper and on top of it, making this an imaginative platform rather than an interactive one. It was a lot of fluff at a very high price. For child’s play, a good price and still cheaply made will be sufficient.

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