DS218play Black Friday Deals 2021

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ds218play Black Friday Deals

This is not surprising, considering the 6.5″ X 3.9” X 8.9″ case sizes (165mm X 100mm X 215mm x 225.5 mm) of both the DS218play & DS218j. The j has an audio buzzer while the play does not. Although the Synology DS218play may not be the most recent, it has a lot to love. It’s a two-bay NAS that costs $230. However, it still boasts notable specs and features. Synology’s DiskStation operating software is still a top-of-the-line option for managing storage settings and setting up the DS218play. As one of Synology’s entry-level backup options, the Synology DS218play NAS is available.

Which Plex Supported Client Devices Require Transcoding From The Synology Ds218play Nas

The DS218 can perform multiple tasks at once thanks to its quad-core 64 bit SoC. Synology is a well-known brand in Network Attached Storage for small and large businesses. This company offers a wide range of hardware, from small drive units to large rack-mounted systems that can accommodate hundreds of drives. The Value series was designed to perform high-performance and data-intensive tasks. Experts refer to H264 as AVC and it is the standard for video file compression. This allows media that was originally intended for large-scale entertainment can be recorded, compressed, and distributed to your home. You, the consumer, can also produce smaller-scale digital video content via plex. It was able to backup a Time Machine of 204GB in less than an hour and a half.

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QuickConnect allows you to connect through a secure, customized address so you can instantly access media files and work files from any Internet-connected device. DiskStation supports all network file sharing protocols, including CIFS and AFP. It also allows for collaboration on projects and the centralization of files by the entire office. You can also synchronize files across multiple devices and even multiple locations so remote teams can work together. You can stream digital content from your DS218play device to any of your TVs or tablets with support for Roku players, Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Roku, and Chromecast. You can create the ultimate media server by streaming via DLNA-certified devices, media players, and gaming consoles.

It’s powered by a Quad-Core processor of 1.4GHz and can transcode 4K UHD video. It also has enough power to run much different software such as Docker, Home Assistant, and more. The Synology DS218play has a lower power consumption, at 5.16W for hibernating, and 17.4W for use. Surveillance Station provides intelligent monitoring and video management tools that enable you to monitor multiple IP cameras and integrate I/O modules. This helps you protect your family’s most important assets.Check 8tb External Hard Drive Black Friday Deals 

The callout diagram above shows the front panel and rear layouts of the DS218play. The diagram below shows the DS218j callouts. USB 2.0 ports are rapidly disappearing from the DS218play and DS218j. The only Gigabit Ethernet port indicator can be found on the front panel. It indicates link/activity/no networks. The installation of disks requires that the case be disassembled to install the disks with screws into the brackets. It doesn’t support Plex natively, but it works well with Plex-hosted software. It was capable of supplying 4K HDR content to an attached Mac mini in my tests.


Synology continues to expand and upgrade its app selection to support this flexibility. We noticed that Hyper Backup, a multitarget backup tool that can protect the drives on the DS218 from multiple locations, has been upgraded recently. This is more than enough processing power to run the two 2.5″ drives (or the 2.5″) and a maximum storage capacity of 24TB with dual 12TB mechanisms. All of these are available without drive prices. You will need to budget for a few NAS-friendly storage devices in addition to the Synology hardware.

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Video Station allows you to easily organize and manage movies, TV shows, home videos, and streams to other computers, smartphones, and media players. An intuitive web interface allows you to access your multimedia content from anywhere, anytime. Due to variations in server configuration, deployment, and the number of active operations, actual performance could be lower than what was measured in lab testing. 30 FPS @ 5M NotesSurveillance Station throughput was tested using Axis network camera. Continuous recording is used with Surveillance Station, with live view and motion detection.


One of my computers’ hard drives was damaged while I moved into a new apartment in the middle of the year. To ensure that I never lose data in the future, my goal was to find a reliable solution to host Time Machine backups. The two-bay Synology DS218play NAS is the final stop on the journey. It’s a powerful yet affordable storage solution. After a few days of using the NAS, I am impressed with its 20TB storage capacity. This is a single 4K stream. However, it can handle more demanding 1080p transcoding tasks without losing frames of desynchronizing audio.

Plex is now available for Realtek and other ARMv8-based NAS devices. This is a huge deal as you may have felt a little out of place if you had a Synology DS218play NAS or another cost-effective NAS. We can now test the extent to which this NAS can transcode and perform in plex. A Synology DS218play server can transcode multimedia files from its existing format to one that is more compatible with the destination device. The Synology DS218play NAS acts as the host device, while the client is the device that you wish to access the file.

The DS218 is a high-end dual-drive NAS box that can handle small server jobs. This is the same capability as its cheaper sibling, the DS218Play. The DS218Play uses the same processor and has 4K video transcoding capabilities. However, it only has 1GB RAM instead of 2. The Synology DS218 is a basic dual-drive NAS box. It costs more than the Buffalo LinkStation 520 with 4TB hard drives, but it can do a lot more.

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