Ecotech Radion Black Friday Deals 2021

In This post you are going to get Ecotech Radion Black Friday Deals available on the internet & Ecotech Radion Cyber monday deals also.

Ecotech Radion Black Friday Deals

Ecotech Marine President Tim Marks explained the reasons why Gen 4 is not compatible with earlier versions in an interview with Randy Donowitz. The reason for Gen 4 not being upgradable from earlier versions will be discussed later. But please check out the interview where Tim discusses the process behind the long-awaited upgrade of the radion line. The Radion Gen 5 is a great deal with twice the LEDs, twice the lenses, and two more channels. Not to mention the moonlight options. When you compare how much light each one emits, how much power you save, and what initial cost savings you get, the Radion Gen 5 is even more valuable. While most shoppers will compare the cost of a Radion XR30 to other lights with similar power outputs, the true comparison should be between five-generation Radions. When we examine the reflections of the Radion Gen 4 & Gen 5 on the water surface, we can clearly see the difference. The story of the tape is to compare the Radion Gen 4 and the Radion Gen 5 because you can see how much light this new configuration produces compared to the previous.

Tir Lenses

Radion Gen 5 shows what top-of-the-line lights can do for quality and features. This review and guide will cover the Ecotech Radion Gen5 XR30 LED lighting for reef tanks. These lights are one of the most desired on the market and have shown amazing results. You can access the basic functions of your light by using the three buttons located at the top. The center button can be used to adjust the color temperature and the up/down arrow buttons will adjust the intensity. By pressing one of the buttons, you can access the feed or night mode and turn on the fixture.

I would be able to start my frag rack from scratch again by purchasing Ecotech Radion Pro LEDs. They are right next to my reef tank, and they run on the same circuit. My experiment showed that the PAR sensor was closer to the light source, the better the light spread. You should note that the results might not be exactly the same for both sides of my tank.

Reefing With G4 Radion

The diffuser is exactly the opposite. You can remove the plastic film from the cover and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. This is especially useful when the fixture is above a tank of jumping wrasses. The diffuser comes with a printed manual that explains how to attach it to the radion. This is a simple task that requires only a Phillips head screwdriver.

A digital spectrometer is the best way to see how the diffuser affects the spectrum graph. Unfortunately, these instruments are too expensive so I can only provide visual feedback. The main dashboard is occupied by the “Daily schedule” intensity/timeline graph. This is where you can program the light. The manual programming model is simple to use. You can change the intensity of each channel using a global slider, set the light temperature with another one, or tweak each channel individually. You can adjust the output by adding points to the timeline graph. Ecotech also offers presets that can be used to schedule different aquarium types. There are six main templates available, each one designed to suit a specific type of aquarium. These presets, which are not too detailed, focus on different aspects of aquarium lighting such as its intensity, spectrum, and sunset/sunrise simulation.

Ecotech Radion

My 3-month experience with Gen4 radion is only anecdotal. However, I have had nothing but amazing results switching to my previous LED combo. Although the growth was not as strong (I used the acclimation program to increase the intensity from 40% to 50%), the coloration and extension of the polyps were significantly better. I have seen zoanthid polyps fully open and looking amazing in areas that were overshadowed by SPS corals. This is something that has never happened before.

The heatsink, driver and LED array cluster needed to be modified in order to accommodate the new optics. This means that there will be no further upgrades to the radion’s previous generation. Ecotech was criticized for this move by many, especially those who considered upgradeability to be the most important aspect of radion. Tim Marks, Ecotech’s new aquarium light, reviews it with Randy Donowitz. The PAR drop with the diffuser is uniform and averages 20%, so it’s not only 12 inches from the center of the light. This is lower than the advertised 25%. It is good because Ecotech did not mislead potential customers with too good to be true numbers.

Ecotech Radion Pro Xr30w Pro Led Light

You can choose from a Pro or Blue version of the new generation 5s. This product review will focus on the Blue version. Because I believe the Blue version is the best. Anybody who has ever managed a reef tank that is devoted to coral growth knows the importance of blues.

Optional rail kits can be added to help straighten and stabilize multiple lights. The new radion is similar from the outside. However, there are two important differences. First, the heatsink blends seamlessly in the body with a sleek matte black finish. This contrasts with the high gloss acrylic on the lower and upper covers. It is also significantly taller than the previous radion and has more air circulation slots, which makes it easier for the fan to cool the LEDs. The new HEI optics are not like traditional TIR lenses. They’re half-ovals that have been polished to perfection and rest over the primary lenses of the emitters. Radion diffuser’s two best features are not directly related to its light output. The diffuser lets you look directly at the LED pucks, without exposing your retinas to the danger of damaging them.

We usually see the tank from our eyes, so we are constantly exposed to the power and dangers of miniature suns. Since the launch of the first generation Radions nearly a decade back, we have been a fan since then of Ecotech Marine’s LED aquarium lighting. We have spent a lot of time with the Radion Gen 5 in both its new sizes and colors. This new reef light has received a fair amount of praise and gushing. Radios are a very popular lighting platform. Many companies and other manufacturers have copied them, sometimes even to a patent-pending degree. For those who are less knowledgeable or new to reef aquariums, the Radion Gen 5 may look a lot like other lights that were inspired by the Ecotech Marine Radion lights. We are certain that more manufacturers will try more LEDs at lower power after seeing, testing, and experiencing the results.

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