Ember Mug Black Friday Deals 2021

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Ember Mug Black Friday Deals

The mug’s core is made of stainless steel. It is coated with a coating to make it feel like you are drinking from a regular ceramic cup. You can choose from black or white. There is also a metallics selection that includes gold, copper, and stainless steel finishes. This smart mug heats hot beverages quickly to maintain the perfect temperature for longer than a regular ceramic cup.

Should You Buy This Really, Really Smart Coffee Mug?

One can be kept at your writing table, and one by the bed for lazy weekends mornings, or afternoons. The Extra Charging Coaster is available in five colors and can be used with either the 10oz Ember Mug or the 14oz Ember Mug.

Yup took longer to cool my drinks than Ember but it was quicker to heat them. Ember took the longest time to charge but was also the easiest to use and adjust without the need for the app. Ozmo’s battery had the longest life, but it needed to be plugged back in each time it was turned off. The three I tested were travel mugs. Ember has a temperature-adjustable ceramic mug. The option of staying put is great, but any of the mugs I tried can also be taken with you to work, home, or on the move.

Ember’s extended battery life allows you to use the device while on the go. Or, keep it charged with the included charger for everyday use. Each app and device was easy to use. Ember is my favorite.Check Kenmore Elite Dishwasher Black Friday Deals

Many users wish the battery would last longer. Others reported issues with connectivity to the app. You can also choose the standard Halo Lid, which has all the same features and is more affordable. This Ember accessory is made of glossy black ceramic and retails at $30. You can drink from the side of the cup by unscrewing its lid.

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Although it’s not just about appearances, life can be made more enjoyable by being surrounded by beautiful objects. The Mug 2 is a sleek, modern object that features a charging stand and keeps your coffee hot all day. It’s cool and clever, but it wasn’t as good as my Contigo $15 mug. It kept my coffee hot until the battery died, but the Contigo kept my coffee warm for longer, even though each cup wasn’t at the right temperature. It’s just not worth the $130 extra and much lower capacity. You can buy both, and it will cost you nearly $300. That’s more than enough to purchase a top-quality coffee maker. The Ember Ceramic Mug is a great investment if you are serious about hot chocolate, tea, and coffee.

Ember Mug

Other mugs require me to heat the mug in the microwave. The Ember Mug keeps my coffee hot and ensures that every cup is at the same temperature. The coffee stays hot from the first sip to the last. The mug will automatically set itself to 135°F when it comes out of the box. You can change your target temperature by pairing your mug with the accompanying app. The temperature can be changed from 120degF to 145degF.

There are no electronics. Just wires connecting the pins to the female socket. It’s simple. Just one bolt under the rubber mat in the middle of the coaster. It was difficult to send it back to Ember because I live in Canada. This blog is where I share product reviews, actionable information, and solutions to complex problems using simple language.

Are Smart Mugs Worth The Cost? We Tried 3 Options To Find Out

It kept my coffee hot, but so did my Contigo $15 mug. Although the Contigo mug did not keep my coffee hot at the right temperature, it kept it warm longer than the Ember Travel Mug. The Ember mug’s insulation doesn’t provide the same level of protection as the Congo’s so my coffee became colder faster once the battery ran out.

My Ember was now out of warranty. I didn’t expect much from Ember when I submitted a support ticket. You can also change the status LED color in Ember’s app. This will let you know when your mug is empty. If you have multiple Embers of the same color, this can help you identify your mug. This means that if your beverage needs to be heated up, rather than just maintained at a constant temperature, the mug will use more energy.

We tested the Mug2 to determine if it was worth the 25-cups of coffee. The Ember’s travel mug is slightly less elegant than the Mug2, but it still has customizable temperature control, an app for smartphones, and an LED display. The battery can keep your java hot throughout the day and can hold a lot more liquid than the desktop model. Smart mugs are ideal for keeping your beverage at the right temperature. They can also keep your tea or coffee at a precise temperature throughout your afternoon meetings. You can charge them easily with a USB cable. They also keep your drink warm thanks to the built-in heating function or a coaster-style charger plate.

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This mug has changed the way I drink coffee and allows me to enjoy warm beverages with scientific precision. You can use the charging coaster to charge your mug while you are sipping your morning coffee. The minimalist design of this product is vaguely similar to today’s smartphones.

Should You Buy Either Of The Ember Mugs?

Ember also fixed the issue with the first-generation coasters that caused the charging pins to become stuck. Ember’s customer service team has been excellent.

Ember offers a one-year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Ember will repair, replace, refund, or exchange a defective product. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or utensils to wash the mug. The bottom of the mug is very delicate. After using the mug for the first few days, I started scratching the bottom with a spoon. Although the scratches didn’t affect the quality of my beverage, I now avoid letting anything metal or rough touch the bottom of my mug to prevent any further damage. The Ember Mug2 also has a sleep mode that goes into effect when the Ember is empty or not being used. The Ember Mug2 is 50% longer than the original Ember Mug. It can last for 90 minutes for the 10-ounce version and 80 for the 14-ounce. You also have the option to choose a custom LED color. The Ember Mug2 was purchased so that our reviewer could test it.

Drinks remain warm on the charging stands, but heat retention times can vary from one device to another. The Ember mug review will provide more information and highlight the most popular products. It also has safety features that automatically “sleep” when the mug is empty or after two hours of inactivity. Ember communicates most of its messages through the LED light in its mug, which can take some getting used to. However, Ember also has an LED index on its website. Ember is attractive from a mug perspective. It looks great, feels cool, and has a handle that can hold four fingers.

You should not put an Ember Mug into the dishwasher as it could damage its electronics. Instead, I recommend hand washing your mug using warm water and mild soap. Ember offers a 12-month warranty, but they replaced my coaster and mug outside that time frame. If you bought your Ember directly from, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.

The Ember app was simple to use and I was able to adjust the beverage’s temperature. The Ember app will prompt you to open it. After that, all it takes to connect to your Ember Mug. It then offers a variety of settings. Because I have two Ember Mugs, this classic and this Ember Travel Mug2, I had to choose the one I was using to connect. You can hand wash the Ember Mug using warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Before you place the charger on your Ember Mug, be sure it is completely dried after washing.Check Non Stick Cookware Sets Black Friday Deals

Before I could use the Ember Mug, I had to charge it by placing it on its charging coaster. The AC adapter plugs into the charger. The Ember Mug can be charged and paired with a smartphone once it is fully charged. The Travel Mug 2 can be used for work commutes, park walks, and road trips. You can say goodbye to the morning commute with an ice-cold cup of coffee on your way to work. The 3-hour battery life of this travel mug is ideal for long drives to the parents’ or hiking trips. The vessel can be washed in the dishwasher. It can be difficult to believe that the two-hour charge time is so long when the mug only lasts two hours. However, it’s not an issue if the mug is being used frequently and you have to dock it back.

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