Google Nexus 9 Black Friday Deals 2021

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Google Nexus 9 Black Friday Deals

The Nexus 9 was not without its faults. Sometimes, apps would launch to a blank screen, or crash after loading quickly. It restarted once without prompting after I unlocked it. Too often, I experienced lagging after simply scrolling to navigate the user interface. One of the best features of the Google Nexus 9 is its solid list of current specs.

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The test showed that audio streaming worked flawlessly, even though the sound was streamed via the Internet. The speaker made a very faint crackling sound when the playback was finished. The micro-USB 2.0 port on HTC’s Google Nexus 9 is used to charge the tablet and share data with a computer.

The light bleeding issue, the tendency for the Nexus 9 to run warm, as well as several small problems with the build, suggest that there is a lack of attention to detail. We might have been more open to minor issues like this if we had given the Nexus 9 a lower price. This would have helped us give it a higher overall rating. Google has always set a high standard in the past but it seems that this Nexus 9 is slightly behind the times. Sometimes the halos can be annoying and a stronger power supply would have been a good idea. Google’s Nexus 9 is not as successful as its Nexus 7. Quality has declined and the price has increased.

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CPU-Z reports that only 818 MB of 2 GB of available working memory are available, even if there is no app running in the background or the system has just started. When the tablet is idled for longer periods, the working memory will drop to 500 MB. The benchmark for Anomaly 2 failed to start and the Alpha Blending test (offscreen) was stopped by GFXBench 3.0 with the message “out of memory”.

You can choose between a 16 GB or 32 GB eMMC flash drive on the Google Nexus 9. It’s a beast. It has the fastest storage we’ve ever seen in an Android device and makes full use of the eMMC-4.51 specifications. The Google Nexus 9’s viewing angle stability is excellent. Because of the underlying IPS technology, color deviations are not a problem with the displayed content. Only a slight brightness loss was observed at angles of approximately 40 degrees. We did not observe ghosting because there was no space between the glass screen and the glass.

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The upper side has a maximum temperature of 39.2 degrees Celsius /103 F. This is in contrast to the 34.5 degrees Celsius / 94 F average. The temperature of the upper side is 33.8 degrees Celsius/93 F under maximum load, which is higher than the 30.5 degrees Celsius/87 F average for devices in class Tablet.

The colors look great, but the display lacks the deep, dark blacks found on Super AMOLED screens Samsung uses for its premium devices. Apple’s annual tablet refresh didn’t impress anyone and many people were disappointed. It could have been a real challenge to Apple’s position if Google had hit all the right notes with the Nexus 9: the price, performance, and software.

All appear strong enough to go on adventures without the need for a cover. I would have preferred to see more buttons on the Nexus 9’s rim. After testing the Nexus 6 as well as the new Moto X, I have come to appreciate the accented ridges on the power button. It’s no surprise that the Nexus 9 has a metallic frame around its larger counterpart. This is fine, as long as the all-metal design doesn’t extend back.

This makes it easy to open the Nexus 9, but our colleagues at iFixit gave them 3 out 10 points for maintenance. Not great. The Google Nexus 9 HTC is not the smallest of its kind, weighing in at 422g. The premium competitors are smaller than the Nexus 9, but they have a lower weight per inch of screen diagonal. The lightest is the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (301 g, 35.83g / inch) and the iPad Mini (331 g, 41.90g / in). The larger Nexus 9’s dimensions are also superior to its competitors. It will be difficult for users with smaller hands to hold it in one hand.

Geekbench 3, which scores the Nexus 9 significantly better than the Shield, gives it a score of 53% higher. Because it only has two cores, the review sample falls behind premium devices when multiple cores are loaded. The maximum brightness of the review sample is 430 cd/m2, which I consider a good rate.

We also liked the speed of the 64-bit processor. We currently use Metrahit Energy for all our measurements. It is a single-phase professional digital multimeter that measures power quality and energy. The device’s average temperature is 30.5 degrees Celsius / 87 F in idle usage. This compares to 30.5 degrees Celsius / 87 F.

The back is still soft-touch plastic. It has almost no other features than the required regulatory text, Nexus logo, and the LED flash camera. The back cover has a slight outward curve that I like, but the black model seems to attract smudges very easily. Although this is not a problem, those who are particularly concerned about fingerprint smudges might want to consider the white model. The device has a little bit of giving in its dead center, but it is something you have to actively work at instead of being obvious. The Nexus 5 has the same issue, which raises questions about whether it is an issue. The volume rocker and power button are hidden details that sit almost flush with the tablet’s right edge.

It was difficult to feel the volume rocker in our review sample because it wasn’t inserted evenly into its casing. The battery cannot be removed and is not removable. The Nexus 9 by Google replaces two American products. Since the launch of the Nexus 9, both the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 have been removed from the Play Store. This is understandable considering the 8.9-inch screen. This applies at most to the 16GB version, which should cost 389 euros ($482). Google also charges 10 Euros ($12), for shipping.

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