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Yamaha Yas 209 Black Friday Deals 2021

In This post you are going to get Yamaha Yas 209 Black Friday Deals available on the internet & Yamaha Yas 209 Cyber monday deals also.

Yamaha Yas 209 Black Friday Deals

The Yamaha YAS-209 is a minimalist exercise with curved edges, a black fabric grille, and a wrap-around design. There are no annoying reflections on the TV screen because the top is matte black.

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She was confused when I asked her to change input sources. I had to use the exact phrase (“Alexa, switch to HDMI”) as it is written in the manual. The soundbar’s top has touch-sensitive buttons that allow Alexa to be activated, adjusted the volume, switched inputs, toggled the power, and muted the microphone. This last button is useful if Alexa doesn’t want to listen in on your movie or chime in when she hears your name. The Yamaha Sound Bar Controller app can be downloaded to your Android or iPhone to connect the soundbar with your Wi-Fi network. Within a matter of seconds, the app found the Yamaha Sound Bar Controller App and prompt me to choose my Wi-Fi network. I also had to enter the password. After I had entered my Wi-Fi credentials the soundbar connected to me wirelessly without any problems.

Review here. It includes surround sound speakers, a wireless subwoofer, and up-firing height channel drivers. This will allow you to be more engaged in a surround sound environment. Alexa can easily interact with the built-in far-field microphones. It is easy to stream music and the smart assistant can answer questions clearly and accurately. Even limited voice control is available, which can be useful when the remote’s not nearby. The YAS-209 supports FLAC and WAV up to 192kHz, ALAC, and MP3/WMA/MPEG-4 up to 48kHz. You can also stream music from your smart devices, computers, or media servers. Alexa allows you to stream music from Spotify and Amazon Music. It also makes this soundbar a smart speaker with voice control and interaction. Yamaha’s YAS-209 is a top-rated smart soundbar, with the great overall sound and responsive voice controls.Check Audio Pro Addon c10 Black Friday Deals

The YAS-209 is one of two new systems in 2019. It offers great features at a reasonable price. And unlike the YAS-109, the YAS-209 has a wireless subwoofer that boosts the low end. This soundbar is capable of producing big, heavy movie soundtracks. It also has exciting surround effects that are strategically placed. However, it can project crucial elements like dialogue clearly and accurately.

Although the Yamaha YAS-408 & Yamaha YAS-209 look very similar, the YAS-408 has a slightly better build quality. It also allows you to wirelessly play content via AirPlay which is something the YAS-209 cannot do. They sound almost identical and most people won’t even notice the difference. You don’t need an additional wire to connect the subwoofer to the soundbar.


Optical audio is available for TVs without an HDMI ARC. Full HDMI In and HDMI ARC ports are also included. These can be used to connect a Bluray or gaming console. There is no analog 3.5mm connector if you want to connect your phone wired. There is also a USB slot that can only be used to update your phone, as well as an Ethernet port. The soundbar can reproduce dialogue and voices well as a 2.1 system. It also has a dialogue enhancement function to improve clarity. The soundbar is not very loud but will be sufficient for most TV programs.

The YAS-209 has a wireless subwoofer, which produces more bass than the Sonos. You can connect via Bluetooth and it has more connections inputs. The dedicated subwoofer creates a great low-frequency extension which is ideal for movies and bass-heavy songs. Its sound profile is balanced and suitable for many content types.

Even though it has fewer channels, the Yamaha YAS-209 provides a better overall soundbar system than the LG SN6Y. The 3.1 LG has a discrete center channel that allows for more clear dialogue. However, the subwoofer is not very loud, which makes it less flexible for music and movies. The Yamaha can wirelessly play music over Wi-Fi, unlike the LG which only supports Bluetooth wireless playback. The Yamaha YAS-209 does not have Atmos support and doesn’t have satellite speakers. The soundbar blends surround sound content from the left and right channels to give it a stereo effect.

Alexa, the YAS-209’s onboard companion, turns out to be a very attentive and helpful onboard companion. We wish Alexa had more control over the soundbar’s native features. I placed the soundbar in front of my LG C9 OLED TV and connected the HDMI output to one of my TV’s HDMI inputs. I then connected my Apple TV 4K from the soundbar’s HDMI connector. Yamaha does not include an HDMI cable in the box so you will need to provide your own.

The entire structure is made of melamine. However, one side and the front are fully covered with mesh fabric. The port is located in the front. It’s made of glossy plastic and looks better than the Yamaha YAS-207. The soundbar has a larger remote than normal and its back is concave. The remote controls the soundbar’s LED display. It is small and simple to use. However, neither the Vizio nor the Sonos can match Yamaha’s sound quality. Last but not least, the soundbar can be controlled with a universal remote like the Logitech Harmony line.

Clear Voice was great for TV and movies, but it made music sound a little sibilant and tinny when I was listening to music. The Yamaha BAR 40SW is a better alternative to the YAS-209. Although it is more expensive, it does come with Yamaha’s superb multiroom system. The two models are almost identical and have nearly the same features. The BAR 40 does not have Amazon Alexa, but it works with it. It’s difficult to justify the extra cost if you’re looking for MusicCast.Check Vizio Sound Bar 5.1 Black Friday Deals

The soundbar is front-ported and features a 6.5-inch driver with side-firing that’s powered via 100W of built-in amplification. The soundbar also provides 50W of amplifying power for each speaker, giving the system a total output of 200W. The display is a simple series of LEDs located on the top panel. These LEDs record which input you selected, including TV, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, and the Internet. They also display indicators that indicate if surround mode has been selected or clear voice. An indicator is provided for Wi-Fi connections and an indicator that Alexa works. To avoid music sounding echoey or audibly processed you will need to switch to stereo mode. However, the result is somewhat flat.

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